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What is Biomagnetics?

What is biomagnetics?

Magnetism is a critical part of our lives. Our planet has a magnetic field that is crucial to the way of life on our planet. Living matter including our bodies and the elements of our bodies, such as our organs, all have their own magnetic fields that interact with other magnetic fields. 

In terms of “Biomagnetism” the importance of our magnetic fields is the process of maintaining pH balance in our bodies. Anyone who has maintained an aquarium is aware of the importance of maintaining the proper pH level in the water. If the pH balance is off the fish will not thrive and even perish. Gardeners are aware of how important pH balance is to the health of their plants. The same is true of our bodies. Our bodies are designed to maintain a balanced pH level of around 7.3 (on a scale of 1through 15, with 1 through 6 being acidic and 8 through 15 being alkaline. But just like aquarium water and garden plant, conditions can develop in various areas that create an acidic or an alkaline imbalance that has a negative impact on normal functioning such as diminished ability to heal. 

The importance of pH (referring to “potential hydrogen) level is that the movement and availability of the hydrogen ion-molecule plays a large role in cell hydration, toxin and waste removal, joint lubrication, and other functions, notably including the immune system functioning. Normally, given the right environment and tools, our body can maintain pH levels well. However, injury, illness, poor lifestyle habits and environmental toxins can contribute to resulting imbalance of pH in various locations throughout the body. When this happens the body’s ability to heal in the way our bodies are designed to can be diminished in various degrees of severity. 

Because magnetic fields influence the movement and availability of the hydrogen ion molecules, and therefore pH levels throughout the body, Biomagnetics can play a powerful role in restoring the body’s natural healing ability. To be effective, Biomagnetics uses pairs of magnets so that both polarities are used. These pairs are strategically placed in ways that maximize the benefits of the magnetic fields where needed. Because these pairs are used in locations from “head to toe” the benefits can apply to many different areas and functions in the body. Healing can be supported in all systems and parts.

If you have a chronic condition that seems to resist normal healing consider looking into biomagnetics as an assist to the healing process. BioMagnetics is a non-invasive, non-chemical way to support wellness and assist the body with healing.

What conditions can Biomagnetics be used for?

Biomagnetics has been used to assist healing with most body systems such as respiratory, digestive, neural, muscular, endocrine, and more.

Biomagnetics itself does not heal conditions but helps set the stage for the body to use its innate healing properties. Biomagnetics is not intended to replace traditional medical diagnostics and treatments. Seek proper medical attention if your conditions persist or get worse.

Need more information? If you are interested in more information contact Jay now at NewPath Wellness.

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