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Get on Your Path to Wellness

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The best healing occurs when we create the best environment and circumstances for our bodies to do its own work.

Meet Jay Pullen

Jay is intrigued about how consciousness can impact our physical wellbeing. Did you know that ANXIETY is more physiological than psychological?


Some successes in helping people improve their physical symptoms with only shifts in consciousness through hypnotherapy drew Jay more and more into the world of integrative modalities. Because of this, the addition of Biomagnetics and HeartMath was a natural part of his progression. “I have learned that wellness is a creative process. We create the world we live in, and this process, done well, requires time and attention," according to Jay.

Jay’s personal preference is to take the time to create good health by developing good daily practices working with the body to support the healing systems we were born with. He shares his knowledge and success with several modalities that can help in this way. 


Life demonstrates that we best support our bodies by working the way our bodies prefer. This means supporting all systems and natural healing processes to set us on the path to ease not only physical symptoms, but also anxiety and other problems. Jay has chosen these modalities, Biomagnetics, HeartMath and Hypnotherapy, because he has found that they work and can lead the way on your new path to wellness

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The Modalities





Our bodies have an amazing intrinsic ability to heal.  One of the functions that enable this process is maintaining pH (potential hydrogen) as needed in all areas of the body.  If you have ever maintained a fish aquarium you will know how important the water pH is in keeping the fish alive and healthy.  Our bodies are no different. 

 However, illness, injury, pathogens, and other circumstances can upset the needed balance in local areas, impeding the normal healing process.  In Biomagnetism we use therapeutic grade static magnets in pairs of opposite poles placed in strategic locations to create magnetic fields to work in tandem with the body to restore proper balance, thereby helping create the environment needed for our bodies to do what they naturally do. 

   Because the mechanics of anxiety is physiology not psychology, Biomagnetism has a place in my toolbox to help my clients move from anxiety to resilience. 

       “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe , think in terms of frequency, energy, and vibration.”  --Nikola Tesla

What drew me into certification in this “Stress, Anxiety, and Self- Regulation” program was seeing scientific evidence in just how our emotions can have long term impact on our physiology. In this biofeedback procedure a client can see the evidence in front of their own eyes how positive renewing emotions can create a more healthful physical response, particularly in the area of HEART—BRAIN COHERENCE.

      The benefit of this heart—brain coherence, besides the emotional ease that it engenders, is the efficiency it contributes to the communication and functioning of our bodily processes. It can be compared to doing a full tune-up on our automobile engines to maximize performance.

     While the science behind this practice is quite complex, utilizing the practice is relatively simple and can have significant and positive impact on one’s enjoyment of life. Another great benefit of this procedure is that it utilizes obtaining measurement of Heart Rate Variability to deliver the feedback response. Heart Rate Variability is a valuable piece of information for anyone to have.


More and more people in various areas of science are recognizing the role emotions play in creating and maintaining good health and wellness, both physical and mental/emotional. The context where emotions reside is Consciousness. I use Consciousness with a capital C to
emphasize that the conscious includes the subconscious. Hypnotherapists have long emphasized the need to work with the subconscious as well as the conscious. It should be noted that other elements of Consciousness are important in the impact on our physical health.

      These other elements include beliefs, habits, and environmental influences (ie.—social). Even though I have stated that anxiety is a physiology not a psychology, our consciousness (psychology) is intertwined with our physiology such that intervention with consciousness patterns can indeed have significant impact on physiological patterns and health.

      The use of HYPNOSIS has long demonstrated itself to be a very useful tool in creating shifts in consciousness. Long considered
to be mystical and “woo-woo,” hypnosis has increasingly become recognized in the scientific world to be a valid and useful state of consciousness and worth using for therapeutic benefit. I have seen this born out in my own practice by seeing shifts in various physical states, such as

Practice Areas

I love riding the TRAM up to Sandia Peak and enjoying that special view of Albuquerque.  In the past my experience was dampened by my breathing and panic issues.  I have always had problems “catching my breath” and going up where the air is thinner really was stressful.  I always carried my inhaler and had to use it at 10 thousand feet.

After my sessions with Jay Pullen, I was able to accompany my out of state visitors riding the TRAM up to the Peak and enjoy the view without any stress or breathing issues.  I did not need to use my inhaler!  It was an amazing experience.   My sessions with Jay have enhanced my ability to live life with more gusto!

HELEN LEAL, New Mexico

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